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Ser-Od Ichinkhorloo

Dear Friends,

Mongolia’s transition to a market economy is an ongoing process and its success depends on myriad factors, some easier to adopt than others but some more complex in their underpinnings. One thing, however, is sure. Businesses in the private sector will play a major role in the national economy, contributing the lion’s share of Mongolia’s GDP. For the last 12 years, I have worked, in different capacities, for associations that seek to provide support to entrepreneurs in various ways, and now I feel I can do more to help them meet challenges if I worked independently. The business environment is not always investor-friendly but the expertise and experience I have gained in my years with large organisations give me the confidence that I can be of service to you in understanding, and then accepting, international standards of business management. At the same time, we must not forget the special sensitivities of our country, and we must think globally but act locally when making our business plans. For many years I have worked with not-so-big domestic companies as well as really large international ones, and feel confident that I can offer services and suggestions for all kinds of problems in all kinds of situation. Not just investors, my work so far has included interaction with Government institutions, international organizations, diplomatic missions, NGOs and other different kinds of stakeholders. Briefly speaking, the business to business (B2B) services I now offer you include:

  • Business policy development, and implementation
  • Foreign relations, both in initiating communication and strengthening cooperation
  • Organizing a business-oriented program in Mongolia or abroad
  • Providing access to specific information
  • Representing your special business interest
  • Arranging collaboration in Mongolia, including franchising
  • Organizing different type of business meetings, trainings, seminars and forums

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Curriculum vitae


Position, Responsibilities


  • Vice Director
  • - Lead BCM in its working relationships with the GoM, Ministries, Agencies (PPP) and responsible for the Mongolian entities to the council.
  • Some achievements:
  • - BCM became the leading business stakeholders’ partner organization in the country in its 5th anniversary with the member coalition of more than 260 domestic and foreign investors, donors, international organizations and 17 diplomatic mission in the country.


Position, Responsibilities

MCS Spirit Bal Buram

  • Export Manager
  • - Export policy development and manage the implementation
  • Some achievements:
  • - Motivated the market in US, new export link and product shipment to Germany, Singapore, Bulgaria, Japan (there was only export to Korea when the mission was started)


Position, Responsibilities

Mongolian national chamber of commerce and industry

  • Head, International Cooperation and Project Development Department
  • - Create and develop strategic relationship with international partners, including NGOs, Governments and private-sector business partners;
  • - Coordinate and host foreign business and government delegations mission in Mongolia;
  • - Promote and follow up business proposals and MoU papers for bi-lateral cooperation
  • - Manage and coordinate Mongolian business mission to foreign countries accompany by President, Prime Minister of Mongolia
  • Coordinated:
  • - Mongolian Business Mission for UK- Mongolia Business Seminar, London, UK
  • - Business delegation accompany by Prime Minister M.Enkhbold, on his official visit to PR China and Republic of Turkey
  • - Mongolian Business Mission accompany by Prime Minister N.Enkhbayar, on his official visit to France
  • - Mongolia-Taiwan Business meeting
  • - "Business English Contest 2" the annual joint event with British Embassy

2002 - 2004

Position, Responsibilities

Mongolian national chamber of commerce and industry

  • Officer- Chief Executive
  • Coordinated:
  • - ‘Business Awareness & Sustainable Development’ International Forum in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia: September 9-10 2005
  • - Korea-Mongolian 5th joint business forum in Seoil (S Korea) and North Korea-Mongolian business meeting in Pyongyang city, (N Korea) November 2003
  • - Business delegation accompany by Prime Minister Nambar Enkhbayar, on his official visit to North Korea, Japan and South Korea, Nov – Dec. 2003
  • - Feasibility study for Vocational Training Center in Mongolia jointly with Synergy Vision (Korea)

1999 – 2001

Position, Responsibilities


  • Coordinator, Foreign Relations Department of the Secretariat
  • Coordinated the official delegations of:
  • - Speaker of the National Assembly of the South Korea
  • - Chairman of Japanese-Mongolian Parliamentary group MP
  • - Parliament members and Cabinet of Lord of the UK
  • - Members of the Sejm (Poland)
  • - Delegation from the Swiss Obmudsmen organization
  • - Delegation of the Secretariat of German Bundestag
  • - Deputy speaker of the Senate of Chile
  • - Secretary General of Secretariat of the Turkish National Assembly


  • Officer
  • - New structure and kick-off Mongolian professional league team competition (MBA league)


International affiliations

ATPF Working Level meeting- Tokyo, Japan; Mongolian Government mission Kuwait; CACCI Meeting Tbilisi, Georgia; United Nations Development Program Sub-regional committee meeting Penang, Malaysia; ATPF: Asian Trade Promotion Forum Islamabad, Pakistan; WBCSD: Regional Forum, Bangkok WBCSD: World Business Council for Sustainable Development Liaison with delegates and regional network meeting, London


International affiliations

Headed/Coordinated BCM’s Mongolian business mission to International Franchising trade fair in Melbourne, Australia; USETECH Cologne, Germany; E Commerce London UK; PDAC Toronto Canada; “Mongolia: Business opportunities and Challenges” Vancouver, Canada and “Doing Business with Mongolia” seminars in London UK and Tokyo, Japan


- BCSD-Mongolia: Regional partner of the World Business Council for Sustainable Development - coordinator; 2002-2007
- Ikh Khuree, JCI Mongolia – Vice President 2006-2007
- JICA Alumni Association – Council member 2004-2006
- Member National Council on Vocational Education and Training since 2009
- Member Corporate Governance Strategy Steering Committee at the National Development and Innovation Committee since 2009
- Board Member FIFTA’s action improvement project by JICA
- Chairman of the Board Quality Supplier Development and Center funded by USAID since 2012 (voluntary position)



Academy of American and International Law, Dallas, Texas

  • - Center for American and International Law



Management of Chambers of Commerce International Training Seminar

  • - JICA, Tokyo, Japan

1998 – 1999


Recreation and Tourism Management Internship Program, Orlando, Florida

  • - Internship

1995 – 1998


Mongolian National University – Law Institute

  • - Bachelor of Law

1992- 1994


Orkhon College

  • - Business Management



  • 976 99066062
  • Khan-Uul 3rd district, Ulaanbaatar